About Alpenglow Workshop

I started Alpenglow Workshop in the last half of 2019. I wanted to start selling some of my creations and build a following of people who enjoy collecting my artwork.


I like my art to speak with colors and textures so I use bright, but harmonious and thoughtful color combination in my artwork.   I believe art should be an enjoyable experience.    It's foremost in my mind when I am creating art that it should always enhance the environment where it is displayed.


If you have something in mind, I will gladly take commissions.  Contact me and we can begin creating a custom painting designed just for you.

forgotten entrance.jpg

I began painting more than 20 years ago.  Over the last couple of years, I have branched out to other mediums such as acrylics, alcohol inks, and digital. I still like to paint in oils, but I now use water-soluble oil paints to reduce exposure to harmful solvents.  I use high-quality materials in my paintings to ensure they will last a long time and be resistant to UV fading. 


Please contact me with any questions you may have .  All sales come with a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure you are pleased with your purchase.

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